About Us

Maharashtra Students Welfare Association is the non political student organisation which works for the welfare of the every student of the educational System.

We have to Come Forward for Our Rights

The Founder

vaibhav edke

Vaibhav Govind Edke

Founder & President, Maharashtra Students Welfare Association

Shri. Vaibhav Edke is an Indian writer, author, student activist and the founder of Public Press News. He was born on 16 September 1995 in Maharashtra India. He is the current president of Maharashtra Students Welfare Association.

1. Woking President at Parivartan Samajik Sanstha, Maharashtra
2.Former Chairperson at Indian Society for Technical Education, APCOER.
3.Secretary, Engineers Youth Forum, Maharashtra.



Committed to compressive development of students so that they become a responsible citizen In future and they can create a better education system for tomorrow.


To Works For The Welfare Of The Every Student Of The Educational System.